The importance of data silos in your organization

Data silos are a major decision-making blocker which ends up hampering your business development. It makes all the difference to know exactly what they are, how they affect the team, and how to solve them. his type of data leads to a serious lack of accountability, productivity, and trust within the organization. Data silos stop you from seeing your business in a 360 degree way. In the presence of data silos, each team tends to operate independently, which we definitely don’t want in a business.

When data is separated from your business, you can easily lose track of your customer’s story.  Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than having to repeat their story to various people over and over.

Working with data silos results in data of low quality, as it is difficult to arrange such fragmented pieces of information. If the data is not standardized or synchronized, you would no doubt see contradictory data while trying to cross-check information from various sources.

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