Why should the oil and gas industry’s get involved with cloud computing

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Cloud computing basically enables businesses in the oil and gas industry to use an Internet-hosted remote storage network, or the cloud, to store, control, and process data. Recent advances in cloud computing technologies bring tremendous benefits to the energy sector from business analytics and analysis, making the data you have been collecting / storing for years extremely easy to reach.  

Another significant advantage of cloud computing is its efficiency. The North American shale industry was one of the fastest adopters of the cloud-hosted, data-led services. Thousands of wells are drilled each year and because of the cloud ‘s elastic existence, the increasing volume of data from these sites has been used to make significant advances in industry.

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Creating a virtual cloud data center is a convenient way for oil & gas companies to slash their carbon footprint. The equivalent of planting 450 trees is to move data from only 50 servers and then replace those servers with a virtual world. Now that is a green thing! 

Cloud computing is a flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly substitute for in-house data centers and servers at its simplest. Energy companies will experience some powerful benefits through the introduction of additional computing resources, including customer relationship development, flexible business reactions, and real-time data.

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